Miserable People Series

For the next five weeks we are going to learn about the habits of miserable people, how to deal with those people and how not be a miserable person. Click here to listen

Proverbs Sermon Series

The book of Proverbs has dozens of topics and every few years we return to the book to study the wisdom that it holds. This winter we are going to look at 7 important topics in the book of Proverbs. Check out sermons from 2013 as well. Click HERE to listen.

“A Merry Mindset”

In this sermon series we learn how to have “A Merry Mindset”. Our mindset has much to do with the way that act toward others and react when things do not go the way we planned. Go HERE to listen

“We Believe”

Join us as we start our fall sermon series called “We Believe”, a study of doctrine and theology. In this series we will examine the basics beliefs of our Christian faith. Click HERE to listen.