• Christmas Series

    Starting Sunday December 7th we will take Biblical themes from the most popular Christmas specials that we all know and love. This series will help us deal with relational issues that come up especially around the holiday season.

  • “A Night in Bethlehem”

    All are welcome to attend our “Night in Bethlehem” program on December 12th and 13th! Come out and see what Bethlehem was like on the night that Jesus was born. Friday December 12th, 6-8:30pm and Saturday December 13th, 1-4pm.

  • Fall Sermon Series

    We are currently studying the Old Testament book of Amos. ClickHERE to listen to the latest sermon.

  • Do You Know Jesus?

    This is a clip from a sermon on John 3:16 from the “Pop Verses” series that sums up the message of God. If you don’t know Jesus you need to watch this clip.